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Serving You with 30 years home property oversight experience.  Call now to see how we can make your time away from home – a relaxing one.

Service Includes:


  • Checking your house and property on a weekly basis.

  • Picking up mail and packages.

  • Ensuring your landscaping services and housekeeping services are being performed.

  • Watering indoor and exterior plants monitor sprinkler systems.

  • Security systems are properly set, windows and doors are locked, rotate lights and adjust window treatments to give your house a lived-in look.

  • Take out trash & recycle.

  • Oversee your pool and/or spa to ensure that your pool company is providing the services as scheduled, empty filter baskets, monitor the water level, add water if needed, and perform a visual check of the pool/spa condition.  

  • If you are gone for a long period of time, special services to prepare your home for your extended stay can easily be coordinated.


  • Additional Services are available such as special preparation the day of departure and preparation for your return, adjusting thermostats, getting carpets cleaned, coordinating home maintenance and repair contractors, and even overseeing home improvement jobs. 


  • Fine Art Services: Packing preparations for art, antiques, sculpture and valuables for transport and storage.


  • Property Check has a broad range of services. We welcome the opportunity to customize a package to meet your individual needs, no matter if you are away from your Home a week or a Season. 


Please call or email me to discuss how my service can assist you in planning your next trip. Competitive pricing.

Tucson Property Check
“Protecting your Property while you’re away”
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